Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Printers Printer in South Florida Announces New Heidelberg Speedmaster Perfector

The Printers Printer in South Florida Announces New Heidelberg Speedmaster Perfector

The Printers Printer is proud to announce the newest addition to our family.  Installed, and up and running is a new 8-color 40 inch Heidelberg speedmaster perfector(runs 8/0 or 4/4 one pass).  This new 8 color press runs in tandem w/ our other 8 color press on multiple shifts to produce jobs quickly and w/ a high degree of quality.  Having two 8-color presses perfecting in tandem gives us the production capabilities and sharp pricing structure to compete with web-presses. 

Please contact The Printers Printer today for any of your printing needs.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wholesale Catalog Printing in South Florida

Wholesale catalog printing is one of the best forms of advertising and is still one of the best ways of delivering specific products to potential customers, even in today's digital age. 

Wholesale catalog printing services from The Printers Printer should be your go-to printing company.  The Printers Printer has shown time and time again why they are the source for printing industry related products.

The Printers Printers provides catalog, magazine, book, wide format printing and more!  They are a full service print house and not a broker.  They operate the print presses in house and have a support staff to assist in all your wholesale commercial printing needs.

For more information, please visit Printers Printer's website and to view a full assortment of all of their commercial printing products.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wholesale Printing in Fort Lauderdale

                     We Have The Best Selection In Town!

Summer’s coming and at The Printer’s Printer we know that you will be planning lots of wonderful parties and events!

We Have The Largest Selection of:  Wholesale Stationary - Card Stock - Wholesale Envelopes -  Brochures  –  Postcards – And Posters - In South Florida!

Let our creative team, show you how to make your favorite occasions even more special, with our beautiful selection of products!

Be it a Wedding – A Confirmation – Engagement – New Baby Announcement
New Business – Holiday Gift Card!
Or, even something like a lovely dinner party at your home, the Printer’s Printer can design something wonderful, that will dazzle both you and the recipients that get it!

Did We Mention That We Have The Best Prices In Town? 

Call Us!  Let Us Create Something Elegant & Memorable For That Special Event!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Direct Mailing: Old Reliable

Despite the evolution of the internet over the past 10 years or so, direct mail is still a relevant form of marketing.  Rather that phase out direct mail companies completely, companies are choosing to integrate other forms of marketing.  SEO, social media and PPC advertising are all relatively new compare to the tried and tested direct mail marketing.

Businesses may be scaling back their print and mailing, but it's still an effective and powerful form of bringing in new clients.  There's a lot of factors that contribute to the success, or the demise of your direct mail campaign.

First you must have a good list of targets.  After you've narrowed your taget audience, you'll need a good custom printer that can actually carry out your printing, design and mail your campaign.  A quick internet search turned up dozens of printing companies, but there only seem to be a few reputable companies that can print and mail.  This is key.  Going with a full service custom printer that can also do the actual mailings may save you a bunch of money.  Most full service printing companies receive bulk mailing rates that they can pass on to their clients.

So it's a good idea to expand you marketing avenues to new and up and coming methods.  But don't neglect the direct mailing, as it's usually the most reliable.

Good luck!