Thursday, October 16, 2014

Brochures Are Still Effective Marketing Tools

We are a print shop, so naturally you expect that a company who does full color printing is going to endorse print materials over the internet. You would be right, however, we also believe in the power of social media and internet presence. With the internet, we are able to convey our philosophy, our pricing and our services like catalog printing and magazine printing. There is no doubt that the internet is a powerful tool for marketing. It is not the only tool. Print media and television are still the number one tools for conveying a message to the public. How many times have you been in a grocery store and picked up the real estate guide to read? When you go to a hotel or doctor's office and there are menus and brochures, do you not still read them? We use the internet to market our business, but we still believe in radio, television, brochures, and other “old school” approaches to reaching our customer base. The truth is that most humans are visual and are able to retain that information which they see and touch over that which they hear. Brochures and other print materials provide that to potential clients in that they can be eye-catching and portable.

To make print material campaigns a success is being able to use them to inform and engage, which means that you need well-written copy to go in them; and, have colorful and eye-catching images that support the wording you are using to reach out to your customer base. While we cannot help you with writing the copy, we can help you design and utilize the space and images to your advantage. 

Here at The Printers Printer, we have spent a career producing brochures of all types, from tri-folds to die-cut gate folds. Our brochures are elegant, vibrant and the best of breed whether we are producing a simple text weight or a photo heavy gloss stock brochure. We know how to take what you give us and turn it into something the consumer will remember.


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